Citrix Synergy 2020 moves to online-only format. We’ll still have plenty of coverage as usual.

We’ll also be covering Okta Oktane online on April 1. Google Cloud Next has been pushed back.

Today, Citrix announced that Citrix Synergy 2020 will take place as an online-only virtual conference. The online version of Citrix Synergy will take place starting on the same date, May 19, and it will be free to all attendees. Attendees who have already registered will receive refunds for their conference passes.

Update, April 2: Citrix announced on March 27 that Citrix Synergy Digital will be postponed until the fall. Citrix will also produce a series of online events starting in April.

We already saw a wave of March and April conferences shift online due to Coronavirus. (Here’s a full list of conference updates from TechTarget’s SearchCIO site.)

With Synergy being a little further out, over the last few weeks, we figured that Citrix might wait a little longer to announce a change, but that moving the event online would be likely. The news came around midday on Tuesday in a blog post from Tim Minahan, and they’re now referring to the show as Citrix Synergy Digital.

We’ll plan to cover the conference in all the same ways that we always do—we’ll live blog the keynotes, attend sessions, and gather as much news as possible. We’ll also make sure that we can schedule all of the same in-depth interviews that we would usually get.

Moving conferences online does mean that we miss out on all of the casual show floor, hallway, and lobby bar conversations, but I have no doubt that between Twitter, Slack, Teams, and other forums, we’ll have plenty of ways to chat around Citrix Synergy Digital. We’ll post about these options as we learn about them, and I look forward to seeing everybody at the show virtually!

Kyle and I already have plans to cover other industry shows virtually, including Okta Oktane (beginning April 1), and Apple WWDC (sometime in June, though to be fair, we haven’t been to that one in person). We’re also looking forward to covering Google Cloud Next, though that one has been pushed back, with no new date announced yet. Oktane, Google Cloud Next, and Apple WWDC have become important shows for the EUC space, so again, we’ll be doing all of our normal coverage. I’ll also be at the EUC Masters Retreat (now moved in November), VMworld, and possibly Microsoft Ignite.

As we’re settling into social distancing for the coming weeks, now is the time for those of us in EUC and EUC technology itself to really have an important role. I’m inspired every day, as I’m seeing so many folks in our industry offer advice, support, and access to products and services. (And in case I haven’t mentioned it before, I’ll take this opportunity to say that I’ve always been inspired by the great folks in our community!)

I know you’ve been seeing a lot of blog posts and emails from organizations talking about their response to this Coronavirus, but we wanted to make this information as easy to find as possible.

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