Adam Boyce

Manager of IT strategy -

Panorama Consulting Solutions -


As manager of IT Strategy at Panorama Consulting Solutions, Adam Boyce brings over ten years of experience helping businesses, non-profits, and government organizations. He's Lean Six Sigma certified and holds a Master's degree in Leadership and Organization from the University of Denver.

Panorama Consulting Solutions specializes in the enterprise consulting, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and IT Strategy for mid- to large-sized, private and public sector organizations across the globe. One-hundred percent independent of affiliation, Panorama helps firms evaluate and select ERP software, manages the implementation of the software and facilitates all related organizational changes to ensure that each of its clients realize the full benefits of their ERP implementation. Panorama Consulting also offers its clients business process reengineering, ERP staffing, independent verification and validation, project management oversight and expert witness testimony. Panorama maintains a global presence with current offices in Denver, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Lima, Dubai, Houston and New York.