Andreas Neubacher

Andreas Neubacher

Head of IoT standards development, Deutsche Telekom

Andreas Neubacher is the head of IoT standards development at Deutsche Telekom. He has been working in telecommunication since 1999. He was responsible for the development of national deployment plans for the 3G radio network.

In 2003, Andreas joined the Deutsche Telekom Standardization and IPR management group, where he headed various projects such as for network sharing, self-organizing networks, home NBs, VoLTE roaming and interconnection in standards. Andreas represents Deutsche Telekom in various global organizations like 3GPP, ETSI, IEEE and oneM2M, and has set up and chaired ORI ISG in ETSI.

Currently, Andreas is heading research and standardization activities for IoT for Deutsche Telekom group. Andreas is responsible appropriate standards for M2M and IoT are being developed, selected and introduced within DTAG. His ambition is to build up an efficient, scaling and rich technology ecosystem for the M2M and IoT service area, based on global standards, to enable new revenue opportunities.

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