Andy Favell

Andy Favell is a London-based freelance journalist, web editor and mobile/digital consultant. He has 18 years' experience in business and technology journalism and web publishing. As a journalist has contributed articles on mobile, internet, IT, retail, charity and corporate social responsibility (CSR) to numerous national, online and trade publications. As a web producer/editor, he has worked on websites for the BBC, Channel 4 and ran the mobile best-practice site for six years. He also advises companies on their mobile/digital strategy, prepares web content, conducts research projects and writes in-depth papers.

He is on the judging panel for the GSMA’s Global Mobile Awards, Meffys and EMMAs and is the UK Expert for the World Summit Awards, responsible for nominating the UK’s best in digital and mobile health, learning, government, commerce, media and entertainment.

Andy passionately believes that mobile technologies are the catalyst to bridging the digital divide in the developing world, bringing improvements to health, education, political and financial inclusion. He would like to see western companies, governments and NGOs come together to invest more of their expertise and wealth in long-term, sustainable initiatives that use technology to improve the lives of those less fortunate than us.