Bernt Ostergaard

Bernt Ostergaard

Service director, Quocirca

Bernt Ostergaard is a seasoned industry analyst with more than 20 years’ experience, having addressed European telecoms and global managed services issues for major analyst companies in the industry, notably META Group (now part of Gartner Group), Giga Information Group (now part of Forrester Research) and Current Analysis.

Bernt Ostergaard is a service director working with Quocirca, focusing on WAN infrastructure and managed services, with particular emphasis on how increasing fixed and mobile WAN capacity impacts enterprise communications as well as their physical and virtual allocation of computing resources. His overall experience combines 20+ years of telco analysis with an in-depth understanding of technology development and deployment. Bernt’s perspective is on the business impact from large enterprise to SME.

With a background in social sciences and information theory, Bernt started his career as a technology assessment specialist in the Danish Ministry of Telecoms, first drafting policy papers for the Danish government in the early 1980s on telco deregulation, and subsequently designing and implementing a nationwide database service for the fledgling wind turbine industry. He then spent six years developing the market for US MCI email services in Europe in the 1980s– long before the internet arrived. In the early 1990s he joined Meta Group (which subsequently became part of Gartner Group) as senior European telco analyst. In the late 1990s he was hired as a service director by Giga Information Group, which was swallowed up by Forrester Research. He then spent seven years with Current Analysis in various service director roles before joining the Quocirca team.

Over the years, Bernt has published and edited several books on European media policy as a member of the EuroMedia Research Group. As a telco analyst, he has written numerous articles and many reports on the business impact and management of LAN and WAN services.  Bernt also presents and contributes in seminars, video interviews and webinars, and has been involved in industry groups such as the EVUA and for several years he taught as an external lecturer in the Danish International Study programme.