Brandon Shell


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Brandon Shell has been in the IT industry since 1994. He spent his early years as a PC technician and general fix-it guy for numerous companies. In 1999, he started a consulting company focused on building, designing and supporting networks built around a Microsoft Windows infrastructure. He also offered training on the solutions and products he provided. 

In 2000, he joined Microsoft as contractor for the Directory Services team and later joined Microsoft in 2002 as a full time rapid response engineer focusing on Directory Service support for the larger customers in the North East. In 2004, Shell left Microsoft and took a position that allowed him to build on his Active Directory experience and incorporate new technologies, such as Citrix’s XenApp and XenDesktop products. 

Today, Shell maintains his love of all things Active Directory but has adjusted his focus on another newer passion, PowerShell. In 2007, he joined the PowerShell-MVP ranks and has spent the last several years building his PowerShell skillset and assisting/persuading others in building theirs.