Chonggang Wang

Principal Engineer -

InterDigital -

IoT Agenda

Chonggang is a visionary, passionate and cooperative IoT expert (e.g., IoT architecture, IoT service platforms, IoT semantics, IoT device management, IoT protocols, IoT security, etc.) with unique perspectives and deep understanding of the industry, abundant experience and well-established leadership. He has a strong expertise in emerging computing, communications and networking technologies and multidisciplinary areas including ABCDE (AI, big data, cloud, distributed ledger/blockchain, edge computing), as well as rich experience in technology strategy, planning and management (e.g., year-by-year innovation technology roadmap development, collaborations with universities and industry, etc.). He also makes extensive contributions to international industry standardization bodies, such as IETF, oneM2M, IEEE and ETSI TC M2M.

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