David Mortman

Chief Security Architect -

Dell -


David Mortman is a Chief Security Architect at Dell (Enstratius). Formerly the Chief Information Security Officer for Siebel Systems, Inc., David and his team were responsible for Siebel's worldwide IT security infrastructure, both internal and external. He also worked closely with Siebel's product groups and the company's physical security team and led up Siebel's product security and privacy efforts.

Previously, Mr. Mortman was Manager of IT Security at Network Associates, where, in addition to managing data security, he deployed and tested all of NAI's security products before they were released to customers. Before that, Mortman was a Security Engineer for Swiss Bank. A CISSP, member of USENIX/SAGE and ISSA, and an invited speaker at RSA 2002 and 2005 security conferences, Mr. Mortman has also been a panelist and speaker at RSA 2007 and 2008, InfoSecurity 2003, Blackhats 2005-2008, Defcon 2005-2008 and Information Security Decisions 2007 and 2008. Mr. Mortman sits on a variety of advisory boards including Qualys, Applied Identity and Reflective, amongst others. He holds a BS in Chemistry from the University of Chicago.