Ellen Gottesdiener

Co-founder -

EBG Consulting -


Ellen Gottesdiener, co-founder and principal with EBG Consulting, is an internationally recognized facilitator, coach, trainer and speaker. Before founding EBG, Ellen spent 13 years as a manager, team leader, developer and trainer with a major insurance and financial services organization. She is now an expert in Agile product and project management practices, product envisioning and roadmapping, business analysis and requirements, retrospectives, and collaboration. Ellen works with global clients and speaks at numerous industry conferences. She is a Certified Professional Facilitator and has experience as a professional workshop facilitator, focusing on helping projects start smart through facilitated workshops. She is also a Certified Scrum Master, an Agile coach and an Agile trainer. She works with large, complex products and helps teams elicit just enough requirements to achieve iteration and product goals.

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