Gianfranco Bonanome

Senior Director of Business Development -

Intelligent Product Solutions -

IoT Agenda

Gianfranco Bonanome is Senior Director of Business Development at Intelligent Product Solutions (IPS), a product design and development company in New York. He has over 15 years of experience in electrical engineering, embedded software, system architecture for IoT devices and complete solutions. At IPS, his responsibilities include new client cultivation, onboarding and project execution. Gian can be often found hosting brainstorm sessions, applying his experience to problems, and providing cost-effective, innovative solutions to clients. Under his direction, IPS teams have designed and engineered IoT products including connected beverage dispensers, fitness and social communications wearable bands and interactive vending machines.

Gian began his career at IBM's Global Services division, overseeing enterprise-level solutions for Tier 1 clients and later entered the defense sector by joining BAE Systems where he focused on fighter jet avionics and anti-fratricide measures. Gian holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering from NYU Polytechnic and a Master Degree in Computer Science from Columbia University. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of New York.

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