Greg Murphy

Greg Murphy

President and CEO -

Ordr -

IoT Agenda

Greg has served as president and CEO of Ordr since December 2018. Previously, he was vice president of business operations for the HPE Aruba Group, the 4,000-person networking and IoT business unit of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. In that role, Greg was responsible for leading the business integration of Aruba and HP Networking following HP's $3 billion acquisition of Aruba Networks in 2015. Greg held multiple prior senior executive positions within Aruba, including senior vice president of business operations, general manager of network management software, general manager of outdoor and mesh products, and vice president of marketing.

Greg joined Aruba in 2008 through its acquisition of AirWave Wireless, a network management software provider that Greg founded and led. Greg received his M.A. from Stanford University and his B.A. from Amherst College.

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