Gunnar Berger


Gunnar Berger has worked with virtualization technologies for over two decades and is a recognized leader in the virtualization and end-user computing space. Mr. Berger crafted his domain expertise in the first half of his career as customer, excelling at both scale design and operational excellence and leading high functioning teams. After numerous leadership positions as well as enjoying running his own services business, Mr Berger leveraged his IT experience to help other firms navigate their investment decisions as a Gartner analyst - in that role he continued to evaluate technologies from the Customer viewpoint.

As a natural evolution, Mr. Berger has transitioned to the product side, focused on building the technology that empowers these same businesses. In 2014, Mr. Berger was hired as the Chief Technology Officer for Citrix's Desktops and Applications product group. In this role, Mr. Berger worked with Citrix's customers, Citrix leadership and product managers in developing the technical strategic direction for that group. Currently Gunnar is working through Citrix’s Strategic Alliances group, building joint products with Citrix’s top partners.

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