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Jill Dyché is an internationally recognized author, speaker and business consultant. Currently Vice President of SAS Best Practices, she was previously a partner and co-founder of Baseline Consulting, a professional services firm that focuses on enterprise data issues.

Prior to co-founding Baseline, Jill worked for pioneering technology vendors Teradata and Computer Associates. In 1991, she relocated to Paris, France, which served as a base for her consulting work with companies such as Daimler, Royal Assurance and the French national railroad. Returning to the U.S. in 1993, she helped grow Baseline from a data warehouse services firm into an acclaimed information integration provider. She is responsible for key client strategies and industry analysis in the areas of data governance, business intelligence (BI), master data management (MDM) and customer relationship management (CRM). She also counsels boards of directors on the strategic importance of information investments. Executives from companies including Charles Schwab, Verizon and Microsoft have relied on Jill for advice on data management planning and execution.

Jill's first book, e-Data (Addison-Wesley, 2000), has been published in six languages. She is a contributor to Impossible Data Warehouse Situations: Solutions from the Experts (Addison-Wesley, 2002), and her book The CRM Handbook (Addison-Wesley, 2002) is the bestseller on that topic. Jill's work has been featured in major publications and websites such as SearchDataManagement.com, SearchBusinessAnalytics.com, SearchCRM.com, Computerworld, Intelligent Enterprise, Information Week, CIO Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune and Newsweek.com.

Jill's latest book, Customer Data Integration: Reaching a Single Version of the Truth (John Wiley & Sons, 2006) , was co-authored with Baseline partner Evan Levy and shows the business breakthroughs achieved with integrated customer data. The book features case studies from Royal Bank of Canada, Intuit, AARP, ING Insurance and Amgen, among others.

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