Keith Teichmann

Keith Teichmann

Chief Technology Officer, Delta Energy & Communications

Keith Teichmann won three of the world's most recognized industrial design awards. He holds three international patents and is currently the chief technology officer at Delta Energy & Communications, Inc. With more than a quarter-century of experience, Keith combines a strong technical background with strategic business acumen to deliver highly differentiated value propositions through logical, results-oriented executions.

Prior to joining Delta, he was the director of innovative networks and marketing at Xylem's Applied Water Systems growth center where he championed the "Essence of Life" execution -- an international program that developed a unique portfolio of alternative energy products for rural farmers in emerging markets and cultivated formal and informal networks to augment their purchasing power through micro-financing, non-profits and government subsidies.

With a passion for addressing business needs and social needs in tandem, Keith has spent extensive time traveling to and getting to know the markets he serves. When not traveling, he resides in a suburb outside of Boston with his wife and three children.

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