Martha Rogers

Martha Rogers

Founder, Peppers & Rogers Group

Martha Rogers, Ph.D is a best-selling business author and founding partner of Peppers & Rogers Group. Founded in 1993, the firm is now a network of offices on six continents, serving Fortune 500 clients across all vertical segments. In 2003, Peppers Rogers Group joined Carlson Marketing to provide clients with world-class customer strategy in an enterprise consumed by their commitment to relationships and results. The goal of the combined companies is to offer "one-to-one, end-to-end."

Peppers and Rogers have co-authored seven best-selling books to date, which focus on customer strategy, building the value of the customer, and related subjects. These include The One to One Future, which Inc. magazine called "one of the two or three most important business books ever written," and Enterprise One to One, which received a five-star rating from The Wall Street Journal.

The global demand for Peppers and Rogers' books and presentations has resulted in translation to 15 languages, with over a million copies in print. In 2004, the authors published the first-ever CRM textbook for use in graduate-level academics, Managing Customer Relationships. This publication hit the "top 10" business book list on the first day it was announced, a first for such academic texts.

Peppers' and Rogers' most innovative strategic thinking is embodied in Return On Customer (or ROC), released in June 2005. This breakthrough publication advances the concepts and tenets of business valuation to the next evolutionary stage, documenting the customer base as a revenue-producing asset for businesses, capable of driving a company's long-term economic worth. It climbed to the top 20 business books on, was ranked #1 in business book sales with 800-CEO-Read, and was cited by Fast Company magazine as one of the 15 "most important reads" of the year. The book was released as an international edition in September 2005. Processes are underway for translations in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Turkish and Russian.

In 2006, the American Marketing Association Foundation recognized Return on Customer as a finalist for their Berry-AMA Book Prize. This prestigious award is given annually to the single business publication that exemplifies excellence in marketing and related fields, recognizing the author's contribution of innovative ideas and their worldwide impact.

Peppers and Rogers are poised to publish their eighth book in 2007, which will focus on the competitive differentiation and long-term viability of businesses that successfully harness the power of their core constituencies – their customer-, colleague-, and channel-relationships.