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Michael Lowenstein, CMC, Thought Leadership Principal at Beyond Philosophy, Beyond Philosophy is an international customer experience consultancy (www.beyondphilosophy.com), which is co-based in the U.S. Primary areas of consulting and training focus are customer touchpoint optimization, customer behavior research, brand equity and word-of-mouth impact, omni-channel marketing and communication, employee ambassadorship, customer-centric culture development, and customer lifecycle management.

With over thirty years of management and consulting experience in customer and staff loyalty research, CRM, loyalty program development, customer win-back, service and channel quality, customer-driven corporate culture, HRD, and strategic marketing and planning to draw on, Lowenstein is an active international keynoter and speaker, workshop facilitator, and trainer, and he is a regular featured contributor to two customer loyalty newsletters. He also provides expert customer loyalty resource commentary to several professional CRM, marketing, customer service and HRD sites on the Internet.

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