Nicholas Napp

Nicholas Napp

IEEE Senior Member, Co-founder of Xmark Labs LLC

Nicholas Napp is a senior member of the IEEE and co-founder of Xmark Labs LLC. Napp has brought over 40 products to market across a range of markets, both B2B and B2C, and has authored and co-authored papers and articles on multiple topics, including digital transformation, affordable digital twins, IoT and the digital divide. He is also a frequent speaker, having presented at AWE, COMPSAC and many other events worldwide.

Napp has held multiple technical positions, including lead external technology scout in North America for Sony Ericsson, and multiple product manager roles. His areas of technical expertise include software and hardware development, including IoT devices. He has also held multiple marketing, sales and business development roles, including day one revenue responsibility at multiple startups. Napp is particularly focused on the practical application of digital transformation to accelerate business growth. His most recent project at Xmark Labs is the Nosy™ building efficiency sensor, a device designed specifically for retrofits in commercial buildings. Nosy is designed to make it easy and affordable for building owners to deploy sensors that improve energy efficiency, monitor indoor air quality, and help streamline service and maintenance.

Napp was formerly the board chair at FabNewport, a nonprofit makerspace for disadvantaged youth. During his tenure, FabNewport more than quadrupled its revenue, dramatically extending its reach and impact. His clients have included multiple startups, as well as multinationals like Apple, AT&T, IEEE, HTC, Microsoft, Sony, Tencent and others. 

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