Paul Nikolich

Paul Nikolich

IEEE Fellow, IEEE 802 Chair -

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers -

IoT Agenda

Paul Nikolich is an IEEE Fellow and IEEE 802 chair. He is focused on developing new ventures, technologies, technical standards and intellectual property in the data communications and broadband industries as an angel investor and board member of early stage companies. He holds leadership positions in the IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organization, in its Technical Activities, the Computer Society and Standards Association organizations. He has led the IEEE 802 LAN and Metropolitan Area Network Standards Committee since 2001 as chairman. He provides oversight and leadership for 75 active technical standards and the 50 concurrent projects for wired, such as Ethernet, and wireless, such as Wi-Fi, communications networking applications. 802 is comprised of over 750 active technology experts worldwide and manages relationships with global and regional standards bodies such as International Organization for Standardization, International Telecommunication Union, European Telecommunications Standards Institute, 3rd Generation Partnership Project, regulatory bodies and industry alliances.  

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