Srinivasa Katta

Srinivasa Katta

SAP PP/QM Consultant, NTT Data

Srini Katta has nine years of SAP R/3 and CRM projects implementation experience.

Katta used Six Sigma methodology to improve the client business processes and also effectively manage the Change Management. He has extensive experience in Conference Room Pilot (CRP) Project implementation Methodology and Cycle Project Implementation Methodology in addition to ASAP Powered methodology Katta has four successful R/3 implementations. His core SAP R/3 expertise includes SD, SM, PS and PM modules.

He has five years of SAP CRM Project design, management and implementation experience. He has successfully implemented Field Sales, Internet Sales, Service, Interaction center and Marketing modules of mySAP CRM. He also successfully managed SAP CRM upgrade projects from Releases 2.0B to 2.0C, 2.0C to 3.0, 3.0 to 3.1 and 3.1 to 40. Katta is currently working on SAP CRM 4.0 Service Industry Add-On Ramp up Project.

Katta has successfully implemented a SAP CRM 3.0 B2C Internet sales project where in the CRM server is connected to two backend R/3 systems, a R/3 4.6C system for Master Data Management and a R/3 3.1i system for order fulfillment. Katta has successfully managed migration of 16 legacy CRM systems data into SAP CRM release 3.1 system using Service Module.

Katta has been working very closely with SAP Labs Palo Alto, GBU (Service) Waldorf on behalf of his clients to deliver a cutting edge CRM 4.0 Service Industry Add-On Solution using IC Web client.

Katta started very early providing Mobile Solutions using SAP Mobile Infrastructure as of CRM Release 3.0. He is currently working on Web Services using Netweaver technology.

Katta has also mentored many functional and technical consultants. He has conducted many mySAP CRM one-day workshops at customer sites. He believes that these one-day workshops help customers to understand the mySAP CRM advantages for the new economy.

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