Tanya Suarez

Tanya Suarez

Co-Founder, IoT Tribe

A firm believer that there can be no strategy without innovation, Tanya Suarez currently lead the BluSpecs team, a company with a passion for embracing disruption through market-driven innovation and co-creation.

The company is partners in CREATE-IoT, a European initiative that seeks to support the coordinated delivery of the €80m large-scale pilots. Its role is focused on user acceptance in IoT and ensuring that SMEs, startups and developers can access the open calls and participate in IoT deployments.

More broadly, the company works closely with global clients across multiple sectors, in areas as diverse as financial services, health and agrofood. Recent engagements have included exploring the potential impact of blockchain technologies, corporate venturing and defining IoT business models.

The company co-founded Startup Scaleup, the Startup Europe IoT accelerator, now IoT Tribe. It has a network of over 120 startups solving problems with smart home, ehealth and wellness, industrial and other IoT solutions. Founders from 49 countries are already part of its program with hubs in Dublin, Madrid-Cartagena, Vilnius and Zoetermeer.

Tanya really enjoy her work as a moderator for innovation panels or speaking at industry events, including IoT World in Dublin last year. She is a member of several advisory boards on startup initiatives and is delighted to represent BluSpecs at the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation, and is a member of Tech London Advocates.

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