Vicki Livingston

Independent consultant -

IoT Agenda

Following a career as a founding member of wireless industry trade association (3G, 4G) 5G Americas and the organization's vice president of communications, Vicki Livingston is now an independent consultant for public, media and analyst relations, business development and marcom planning doing business as V Livingston Enterprise, LLC.  As a frequent participant in the development and writing of wireless industry white papers, she is focused on 5G, the internet of things and 3GPP standards and specifications, including 5G security.

Livingston offers more than 25 years of experience in communications strategy, business development, public relations and marketing, having launched eight new companies and international brands, including two wireless companies, and the evolution of 3G Americas to 4G Americas to 5G Americas today. She is a competitive sailor and pickleballer and serves on several boards.

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