Vikrant Labde

Vikrant Labde

Founder, CTO, Cuelogic Technologies PVT LTD

Vikrant Labde is CTO and co-founder of Cuelogic, responsible for building scalable, secure and highly available distributed systems for large enterprises and startups, including high-traffic web applications, IoT applications and real-time enterprise systems.

He loves solving challenges in the areas of product development involving distributed systems, performance optimization and scalability, big data and machine learning. Within the IoT domain, he specializes in building edge-to-cloud solutions and works with best-of-breed providers such as AWS, Azure, GCP and others.

At Cuelogic, Labde runs an R&D team of some super-geeky engineers to solve interesting problems in IoT, data and software.

In his early career, he developed an award-winning software product for Skype. A frequent contributor to open source community, Labde is passionate about technology and building systems with proper software design their core.

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