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November 10, 2021

Apple Business Essentials Further Demonstrates Focus Beyond Consumers

Mark Bowker
Lead Analyst

Market Topics

End-user Computing

Let’s face it, while businesses recognize that they should be managing devices, apps, and data better than they are currently doing, there are still MANY midmarket businesses that have not put controls and process in place. I highly suspect that good intentions exist in these companies, but lack of skills, complex solutions, balancing risk and time are all factoring into where device management lands on their priority list. Apple is out to help change this.

For businesses using Apple devices, Apple Business Essentials is a new service for businesses with up to 500 employees to capture control, reduce risk, and simplify support for Apple devices. 

Apple Business Essentials

Think of Apple Business Essentials as having the essential features and functionality businesses require to manage devices WITH some valuable support options. With the option to add AppleCare, both IT pros and employees can initiate support and repairs directly. And get this — Apple technicians can be onsite in as little as four hours. Considering how businesses in this market segment are currently operating with hybrid work, these support and repair services can be lifesavers.


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