Companies must quickly, easily, reliably, and securely process, merge, transform, and transact with data to derive value and insights at the speed of business.

Organizations must improve data management efficiency to effectively leverage their data.

According to our research, two-thirds of organizations are turning to automation to gain efficiency: The second-most researched automation-related topic among IT buyers whose purchase research we observe is Business Intelligence and Analytics. Our Data Analytics & AI analysts and demand-side research help tech vendors succeed in this rapidly evolving market by covering essential topics that include:

  • Analytics
  • Artificial intelligence hardware
  • BI & data visualization
  • Data platforms
  • Data science & machine learning platforms
  • Databases, warehouses, lakes & platforms
  • DataOps & MLOps
  • Generative AI
  • Speech, NLP & computer vision

Research Report

Beyond the GenAI Hype: Real-world Investments, Use Cases, and Concerns

While AI in general was already assimilating into the everyday business and IT lexicon thanks to ongoing AI and analytics strategies and initiatives, GenAI recently stormed the market and mindshare of decision makers across industries and major geographic markets. Business leaders see a massive opportunity to positively impact operations and customer strategies with GenAI, but its adoption and use across all business units carry a fair share of trepidation.

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Analysts Covering Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Mike Leone

Principal Analyst, Data Analytics & AI

Areas of Expertise

  • Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • BI & Data Visualization
  • Data Platforms
  • Data Science/Machine Learning
  • Data/AI Lifecycle

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Brian McKenna

Senior Analyst, Business Applications & EMEA Analyst Services Director

Areas of Expertise

  • Business & Technology Strategy
  • Business Applications
  • Business Intelligence
  • Contact Center
  • Customer Data Platforms (CDP)
  • Customer Experience/CRM

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