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August 16, 2019

Clumio Joins The Club

Christophe Bertrand
Practice Director, Data Protection

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GettyImages-967494496ESG research shows that cloud data protection has hit the stratosphere, with a significant acceleration in the past three years. Organizations see cloud as having a positive impact on their data protection strategies in general, and backup data is increasingly shifting to cloud. Cloud-based VMs are also perceived to be more resilient than on-premises. Founded in 2017, Clumio was built in the public cloud and is headed by Poojan Kumar, Clumio CEO, ex Oracle Exadata Co-founder, Pernix Data CEO, and Nutanix VP Engineering and Products. Investors include some well-known names in the industry. The company announced $51 million in funding. This combination of investors, funding, and experienced leadership is worth noting, as I am sure competitors have. 

The service is essentially a cloud-native enterprise BaaS offering that leverages AWS. Clumio’s vision is to build a next-gen, cloud-native data platform to prevent copying the complexity of the “old way” to the new world of cloud in order to enable enterprises to manage, protect, analyze and act on all their data. This is music to my ears! Data re-use, or data intelligence as I call it, is truly the next evolution of traditional BC/DR, against a backdrop of “cloudification” of data protection. The strategy is to start with backup, BC/DR, and add data-centric services…as a service.

Today, Clumio is a BaaS offering that consolidates the protection of an enterprise data center and any remote sites. Clumio requires no hardware or software – it’s a true service. The target customers include enterprises that want to protect workloads like VMware Cloud on AWS and native AWS services. Clumio will protect the data regardless of where it resides.  

It’s always great to see new entrants in a growing and clearly highly contested market. Clumio’s launch was very well executed from what I observed, and positioned to coincide with VMworld in only a couple of weeks. 

Welcome to the club, Clumio …and now the “real work” starts!



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