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October 4, 2021

How Are Employee Insights Impacting Employee Experience?

Mark Bowker

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GettyImages-948556366Businesses are operating with a distributed workforce while executives, managers, and team leaders lack the direct insight and daily contact with employees. As a result, organizations are looking for ways to leverage data-driven insights and intelligence to generate technology telemetry, establish employee engagement, and create personalized recommendations. 

While employee productivity is top of mind, businesses are also using this time to correlate data to ensure uptime, predict potential performance issues, and expedite remediation. But the opportunity extends beyond the pure technology purview into utilizing tools and platforms to capture employee sentiment, spark employee engagement, and, perhaps most interesting, share recommendations back to employees on opportunities to improve their work quality and wellbeing. We believe that employee experience insights should create an informed, engaged, and productive interaction with employees in conjunction with the goal of generating actionable insights that are mindful of employee diversity and aligned to achievable objectives.

As ESG conducts research on these topics, we would welcome your perspective on how you are inspiring businesses to leverage their employees’ insights on future work strategies to help their organization thrive.

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