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November 12, 2019

HYCU Adds Capabilities for GCP

Christophe Bertrand

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Data Protection

cloud-data-protectionHYCU just announced a set of new capabilities for its Google Cloud Platform service. In this latest release, the company is placing the focus on delivering further enhancements to its native enterprise-class capabilities in/for GCP. This is something other vendors should look at closely with a competitive eye. Here’s why: In combination, the enhancements to the service scream enterprise scalability. Remember that a service is a lot easier to quickly and constantly “upgrade” for a vendor versus a legacy approach, which makes HYCU very nimble.

Our research shows that IT professionals essentially look for the same “native” capabilities in the cloud as they do for on-premises and that they will not hesitate to get a solution that is the best fit, even if it means adding a new vendor or service to their current data protection lineup. We’re just not quite there yet. There’s an RPO/RTO gap between what you get on premises and what you can get in the cloud.  

HYCU’s strategy has been to focus on specific niches, like Nutanix and GCP, and to build deep integration into these platforms to deliver enterprise-class backup/DR. In this latest release, we see GCP backup and recovery “closing” the gap in terms of the type of features our research shows customers expect: optimized cloud-native incremental (one of my favorites), enhanced efficiency for data transfer (adapts to the target compute and volume sizes) and storage (the service does not need “cache” storage), SAP HANA protection for GCP, and enhanced reporting.  

This sets up HYCU very nicely to not only do more around further mission-critical application support, but also to get into data-reuse capabilities, or intelligent data management.   



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