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February 25, 2021

Introducing Enterprise Strategy Group’s Application and Infrastructure Modernization Analyst

Paul Nashawaty
Principal Analyst

Market Topics

Application Modernization

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Did you know: 71% of technology decision makers use research-based thought leadership materials to vet a company’s capabilities?

I actually used to be one of those decision makers before recently joining ESG as a senior analyst, but before I get ahead of myself, let me step back and introduce myself.

When I look back, it seems like everything I have done in my career has led up to this moment. I have spent the past 25 years in the tech industry developing go-to-market strategies, identifying new routes to market, and creating and expanding partner ecosystems (three things we do in spades for our clients here at ESG).

I’ve held executive, product management/marketing, and partner alliances roles in corporations large and small. I worked in household name companies (Dell EMC, NetApp, VMware, IBM, Emerson) as well as mid-sized vendors (Progress Software, Kentico) and smaller startups such as DataCore, Unitrends, and HYCU.

Most recently, I led marketing strategy and execution for the search, recommendation, and digital experience platform offerings at Exciting and challenging at the same time.

My technology interests and experience range across digital experience platforms, content management & application integration, data protection, hyperconverged infrastructure, virtualization and infrastructure modernization (on-premises, hybrid, or cloud-native). At ESG, I’ll be calling on those experiences to help expand our Infrastructure Modernization and Application Modernization coverage.

Simply put, in my new role as an analyst, I’m looking forward to taking all that I’ve learned across all of these areas in all my prior roles to help ESG clients make better decisions and achieve better business outcomes.

Transition from Practitioner to Analyst

I thoroughly enjoyed my career in the vendor space and could continue pursuing this direction, but it was always in the back of my mind that an analyst role would be my sweet spot. As an analyst, I could give back to the professional community and help elevate the tech industry in some small way. I believe, as an analyst, my previous experience, my intellectual curiosity, and my respect for research and data, combined with my ability to synthesize it to extract helpful insights is what I hope to bring forward to ESG and our clients.

For example, in ESG’s 2021 Technology Spending Intentions Survey, we found that a key focus for businesses in the coming year is to continue to leverage cloud technologies to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. In fact, cloud applications and infrastructure are at this point a de facto prerequisite for successful transformation projects. For vendors, communicating the “what and why” of this message to the business community is key to helping drive well-informed strategy decisions. My role at ESG will help drive additional discussions and research in this area about how infrastructure and application modernization trends will drive business results over the next five years.

Expanding Horizons!

The fact that ESG is now a part of TechTarget is also very exciting to me, not only from the development and creation of building assets, messaging, and materials to support our client’s go-to-market activities, but in conjunction with TechTarget, ESG now has the ability to build powerful content, drive complete marketing campaigns, and leverage the BrightTALK platform for delivering these messages.

It is awesome to be part of this journey with ESG and I look forward to working with all of you as well to continue the conversations and discussions on how we can make your companies grow and exceed your business targets!

Let’s talk. I would love to hear from you and explore ways to accelerate your business while discussing current and future trends in the market.

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