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June 2, 2021

Introducing The Bigger Truth in Tech Podcast

Scott Sinclair
Practice Director

Market Topics


For videoI am excited to announce my new podcast, The Bigger Truth in Tech, is now live on Apple podcasts. Check it out!

Why Am I Doing a Podcast?

As an analyst, I am offered an amazing privilege to speak with some of the most brilliant minds in IT on an almost daily basis. These discussions often cover the future of technology, IT, and business. These insights have been insanely valuable throughout my career and have helped me build my expertise on what is happening with the latest technology trends. Frankly, it would be selfish of me to keep these conversations to myself. So, in The Bigger Truth in Tech, my goal is to bring these conversations and their insights to the masses.

Why Should You Listen?

Another truth I have come to understand over my years speaking with IT decision makers is just how little time there is to learn about new technology trends and truly digest what they actually mean for the business. I am calling this podcast The Bigger Truth in Tech because at the end each episode we will bring the conversation back to how this information can help the listener and their organization.

What To Expect?

No one has a ton of time. We are all busy. I am limiting these conversations to less than 30 min, which is not easy. Some of these conversations could have easily gone on for hours. Conversations will focus on one particular IT trend or technology; the initial series is focused on Kubernetes and container-based applications. These are not sales pitches; they are open, casual conversations designed to inform and advise.

Please check it out. We are on Apple podcast and can easily be found by searching “The Bigger Truth in Tech.” If you like it, please rate and review the show. If you don’t, send me a note, as I want to make sure these conversations are fun and valuable. Thanks for listening.






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