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April 28, 2021

Kentico Xperience: What’s Next for Digital Experience Platforms?

Paul Nashawaty
Principal Analyst

Market Topics

Application Modernization

Picture1-1The way we interact with content is changing; however, the systems that contain the data are also evolving. Historically, the approach to connecting with businesses was through a website and web pages, often from a laptop. Now, the interaction is much more dynamic. But interaction with web content is only part of the story. Businesses connecting with their customers often require multiple ways of engagement. This can be through a web page, but also through mobile, tablets, watches, and other IoT devices such as beacons. Obviously, the shift of data distribution has evolved and the delivery of content also needs to evolve.

Dominik Pinter, Managing Director Xperience at Kentico Software, recently briefed me on the future of Kentico Xperience. He explained that Kentico’s approach is more than a traditional content management system—it’s about the overall digital experience. A digital customer experience should contain three key pillars: content management, digital marketing, and digital commerce.

Delivering a platform for marketeers to provide optimal digital experiences is a main focus for Kentico, along with the developer persona. Developers are equally important because any customer experience platform requires integration with the overall digital ecosystem.

Simplicity Is Key

Driving results, Pinter explained, is key for businesses to proceed toward their goals. Many businesses are looking for rapid time to value with their digital experience platforms, and the integration should be included as part of the deployment. This means external systems should also be considered, as they are provided as optional ‘add-ons’ to the overall system. Kentico Xperience is designed to be all-inclusive, with content management, marketing automation, commerce, and automation and analytics. This platform integrates with back-end systems to provide the customer experience often challenged by a traditional CMS approach.

Connecting It All Together

Customers are looking for a full-featured, optimal digital experience. The front-end systems interacting with the back-end data delivers the complete, holistic view into delivering the content, services, and solutions the customer is looking for. The ability to deliver a solid front-end visual does not provide a complete solution for the customer if their purchase, request, or information is not fulfilled. Kentico Xperience offers a nice front-end experience but also the connection into the back end to complete customer requests.

Digital transformation is gaining momentum on today’s modern business. Applying an integrated way to manage content, images, records, and data is at the forefront of this effort. When looking for a way to modernize front-end applications, take a look at Kentico Xperience. It may meet the need to deliver a better customer experience with a modernized business approach.

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