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May 6, 2024

Oracle Announces the Oracle Database 23ai for AI Workloads

Stephen Catanzano
Senior Analyst, Data Platforms

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Oracle has unveiled an exciting milestone in database technology, the Oracle Database 23ai, signaling a significant shift toward integrating AI capabilities into its core database functionality. This release, which marks the culmination of years of meticulous development, emphasizes not only Oracle’s commitment to AI but also its dedication to enhancing developer productivity. The decision to rename the database from Oracle Database 23c to Oracle Database 23ai underscores the pivotal role of AI in this era of technological advancement.

One of the standout features of Oracle Database 23ai is its focus on three key areas: AI for Data, Dev for Data, and Mission Critical for Data. Under the AI for Data umbrella, the aim is to empower app developers to seamlessly integrate AI functionalities into their applications, as well as to offer generative AI capabilities to all users of Oracle Database. This includes streamlining data management processes, providing AI algorithms for data analysis, enabling natural language interactions for queries, and facilitating object similarity searches through AI-generated vectors.

A notable addition to Oracle Database 23ai is the AI Vector Search technology, which lets users augment existing AI models with relevant data from their database. By generating and storing vectors, users can conduct similarity searches and combine them with traditional SQL queries, enhancing the context and accuracy of AI responses. This capability not only enriches the understanding of data sets but also ensures the secure encoding of data, as users can load their trusted AI models directly into the database through the support of the ONNX standard.

The Oracle Database 23ai also enables users to ask questions in natural language, simplifying complex queries and expanding the accessibility of the database to a broader range of users. Integrations with AI models such as Cohere and Meta’s Llama allow for seamless translation of natural language queries into SQL, providing users with a more intuitive and efficient means of interacting with the database.

As Oracle Database 23ai continues to build on its legacy of built-in machine learning algorithms, offering sophisticated capabilities for pattern recognition, trend analysis, and prediction, the company is expanding the capabilities. These features, available since Oracle Database 9iR2, have been refined and expanded over the years, making Oracle Database one of the most comprehensive data mining platforms in the industry. This is a timely announcement, as Oracle Database 23ai represents a significant leap forward in database technology, with its focus on AI integration and developer productivity as organizations are looking for choices in the market for their AI workloads. By leveraging AI capabilities, Oracle aims to provide users with a more intuitive and efficient means of interacting with their data, ultimately driving innovation and insights across organizations.

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