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September 20, 2021

Ransomware Attacks are Everyone’s Problem

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GettyImages-1273930670It can be easy to think, “That sounds horrible! But it probably won’t happen to me.” From getting into a fender bender, to spilling ketchup on your new white shirt, to… ransomware attacks. Believing ransomware attacks will only happen to “somebody else” can put your organization at a huge risk. On a much larger scale than buying car insurance or bringing an extra shirt, taking precautions against ransomware attacks can save your organization millions of dollars, as well as employee confidence, customer trust, and more.

Ransomware is a type of malware, spread by methods such as phishing. It encrypts the files of a user or organization and blocks access to these files until a ransom is paid. Statistically, it is more likely than not that your organization will be met with a ransomware attack in the next 12 months, as attacks are becoming more and more common. According to ESG research, 70% of respondents experienced, “At least one attempted ransomware attack within the last year.”* Cyber criminals are getting more creative in their attacks, so it is crucial to have an equally thoughtful protection plan.

It pays to do the proper research and narrow in on the data protection and storage solutions that can help you plan for a quick and reliable recovery after a ransomware attack. These solutions include features like tamper-proof backup images (a.k.a. immutability) and network-isolated disaster recovery (e.g., air gap). Organizations should also take into consideration the solution’s speed, ease of management, reliability, etc.

To make it easier to narrow in on the right solution for your organization, Enterprise Strategy Group has evaluated and documented these features for many solutions, and “Why This Matters” to the business, in a variety of recently published reports. If you’d like to learn more about how to reliably recover from a ransomware attack, and about “Why This Matters” for your business – check out these recently published ESG Validation reports: Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery with CyberSense and IBM Cyber Resilience Solutions. These reports are designed to give organizations an independent perspective of a product or solution and help you to better understand the value propositions.

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*Source: ESG Research Report, Tape’s Place in an Increasingly Cloud-based IT Landscape, January 2021. 

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