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February 26, 2021

Veeam V11:  Mission Accomplished

Christophe Bertrand
Practice Director

Market Topics

Data Protection

GettyImages-874753448Almost exactly a year ago I wrote about Veeam’s V10 and how it was positioning the company to better compete in the very contested enterprise space. It was a strong release and a turning point. 

V11 is the release that places Veeam more squarely in the coveted enterprise space. The product team has executed on their strategy and roadmap (although there is always more work ahead) to beef up the platform in several areas: snapshots, backup, replication, and continuous data protection. 

Of note, the addition of immutable “hardened” Linux repositories will help reinforce Veeam’s position in the prevention/remediation of ransomware or other data deletion events. The platform also improves in the area of cloud backup lifecycle management/cloud archiving for AWS and Azure, while adding support for Google Cloud. 

One key element to Veeam’s success is its partners and channel, in particular in the delivery of BaaS and DraaS. The company has one of, if not, the best partner program in the space but the key has been their service provider console, which gets enhanced in this version.  

This was a tall order but that’s what it takes to credibly play in the enterprise space. I think it’s fair to declare that the product team has accomplished its mission with V11.  The “fun” is only beginning….

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