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March 22, 2021

Why Have Employee Monitoring Activities Increased?

Mark Bowker
Lead Analyst

Market Topics

End-user Computing

In ESG’s 2021 Technology Spending Intentions Survey, when asked whether IT leadership has gotten any pressure from business executives to increase employee monitoring at any point stemming back to the outset of the pandemic, nearly half (48%) of senior IT decision makers responded in the affirmative.

Two-thirds of the respondents at these organizations cited productivity and/or security as the reasons behind the increased monitoring requests.

Work is no longer measured by the total number of hours logged in the office and has left some executives out of touch with their employees and teams. IT teams have a challenge on their hands as they walk the line between monitoring IT systems to deliver optimal user experiences and monitoring capabilities that track application usage, active device time, and the general productivity of users. IT professionals can help strike an ideal balance through insight and analytics that monitor user experience and proactively capture issues before they impact performance, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

This is a difficult topic for executives, IT pros, and employees. Stay tuned here as we research the current and planned state of businesses to help us all understand how employee insights are being used in meaningful ways.

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