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January 26, 2023

Why I Joined Enterprise Strategy Group

Jon Brown
Senior Analyst

Market Topics

Application Modernization Cloud & IT Operations Infrastructure

I’m honored to be a part of the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) as lead analyst for observability, IT operations, and sustainability in IT. Previously, I was publisher and VP of market insights for infrastructure at ESG’s parent organization, TechTarget. In that role, I worked with hundreds of IT vendors’ leadership teams helping them leverage original market insights to improve their go-to-market results. Throughout that time, one consistent observation I had was that the content and insights that came from Enterprise Strategy Group were both more insightful and higher performing than content that came from other analyst groups– big ones you’ve heard of –because ESG always brought “the bigger truth” to light. And that truth was being illuminated by industry heavyweights– people like Jon Oltsik and Adam Demattia – who are amongst the smartest and most effective people I’ve ever worked with in their respective domains. 

As a researcher and data nerd (and confirmed sapiosexual), I get excited by the quality and quantity of data  available to me to assist in providing you with market insights – especially around emerging trends and market changes. Imagine having real-time data on what 29 million IT buyers are researching right now and how exactly that is changing. Is that useful information for a marketer or product strategist? Imagine being able to combine that with deep topical research that is informed by surveys and end-user interviews. Couple that with a group of analysts who are all well regarded in their areas of expertise and you end up with nirvana – OK, not quite nirvana – but a really great situation, nonetheless.

My goal is to be as useful as possible to Enterprise Strategy Group clients by providing them with the best insights, commentary, and content – as ESG has always done for its clients.

Take a look at this video with myself and my esteemed colleague, Scott Sinclair, as we have a brief discussion about what brought me to the Enterprise Strategy Group and what I see as the major market dynamics that will impact observability in the near term. We also discuss how sustainability goals are changing infrastructure, operations, and software buyers both in what they buy and how they manage its usage and lifecycle. Suffice it to say that the combination of economic outlook, artificial intelligence, cloud-native development, and a mass realization that unmanaged cloud is expensive is going to make 2023 a year of great change. Let’s go!

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