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August 24, 2020

Trends in Cloud Security: Remote Work and the Identity Perimeter (Video)

Doug Cahill
Senior Vice President, Analyst Services and Practices Director

Market Topics


The IT implications of the pandemic-induced surge in remote work are headlined by an increased reliance on cloud applications and services. Supporting and securing direct-to-cloud access has necessitated a focus on identity and access management (IAM) initiatives including:

  • Extending single sign-on (SSO) to additional SaaS applications
  • Implementing MFA (finally!) to secure access to an organization’s most critical and sensitive apps and data
  • Rethinking privilege access management (PAM) in a cloud context
  • Monitoring user activity to detect both insider threats and stolen credentials
  • And, because new devices are being used by remote employees, extending trust-based authentication to device profiles

Updating these aspects and others of an IAM program to secure a remote workforce starts with a focus on policies. However, developing and adjusting policies to support the increase in the work-from-home population is the top security challenge associated with remote work as reported by a third of the respondents in a recent ESG study. In this first of a two-part video series, Greg Keller, JumpCloud’s CTO, and I discuss the challenges and solves for the strategic imperative to secure the identity perimeter expanded by remote work. Click here to watch Part 2 »

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