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June 3, 2022

Women in Cybersecurity: Brittany Greenfield

Melinda Marks
Practice Director, Application & Cloud Security

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This episode of Women in Cybersecurity showcases Brittany Greenfield, the founder and CEO of Wabbi. While Brittany started her career with a degree in biotechnology, working in business process and marketing roles, she turned her focus to cybersecurity, knowing how critical it is in the fabric of technology. Today she leads a company integrating security into software development. Check out our video below.

Growing up in Washington D.C., Brittany had an impression of cybersecurity as how agencies protected the country against foreign enemies. She went to Duke University earning a self-designed interdisciplinary degree in biotechnology, spanning economics, entrepreneurship, public policy, and medical sciences. From there, she spent the first part of her career in the ERP space, and later earned an MBA from MIT Sloane School of Management.

She turned to cybersecurity when she took a role at Cisco helping them build their Internet of Things (IoT) platform. 

You can’t talk IoT and not talk cyber. I realized cyber is such a fundamental piece of the digital fabric that powers our lives today, I need to get into it. 

She got into the endpoint space, and became frustrated that too many solutions focused on perimeter security, when she felt that the problems need to be solved within. From there, she decided to found Wabbi to help developers efficiently incorporate security into their processes, getting the right security information to developers at the right time.

Tune in to the video, and don’t miss the full podcast, as we discuss key issues, including why women make good leaders. Also, since Wabbi is in my coverage area of cloud and application security, we discuss some of the challenges for organizations trying to scale their security programs with the speed of modern software development. 

Learn more about her company Wabbi, and if you’re heading to RSA next week,  visit their booth and get a demo! You can also follow her on twitter

Please visit Enterprise Strategy Group’s Women in Cybersecurity page, where you can also find a link to the full audio interview with Brittany, view past episodes, and join us to hear more inspiring stories in future shows.

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