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June 8, 2022

Women in Cybersecurity: Gisela Hinojosa: Hacking Your Way into a Cybersecurity Career

Alex Arcilla
Validation Analyst

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Forgive me for the blatant cheesiness of the title, but in this case, using the term hacking is sort of relevant…bear with me…

No doubt that working in cybersecurity is really THE thing to do right now. The opportunities seem endless. But exactly what paths can you pursue when entering a field that is constantly evolving?

I had the opportunity to discuss one path with Gisela Hinojosa, a pentester at Cobalt. For those not in the know – like me – I thought…huh? Pentesting? Perhaps a simple, albeit naïve, way of understanding what is pentesting (or penetration testing) could be hacking. As a pentester, you attempt to expose potential security vulnerabilities. Basically, you are hacking for legitimate reasons.

As you will hear during our conversation, Gisela worked in software testing before she uncovered this specific path. As she was exploring different options, her husband asked what she always wanted to do. She replied that she wanted to hack, but who would pay her to do that? Turns out that companies do to bolster their security posture before any bad actors have the chance.

What exactly does it take to find a pentesting position? Watch this video and find out what worked for Gisela.

Please visit Enterprise Strategy Group’s Women in Cybersecurity page, where you can also find a link to the full audio interview with Gisela, view past episodes, and join us to hear more inspiring stories in future shows.

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