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What do you really know about app modernization?

Increasing demands for cloud- and mobile-ready applications are making legacy modernization efforts more critical than ever. This quiz will test your knowledge on modernization techniques and the ways to avoid common project pitfalls.

As tech writer Crystal Bedell points out, the costs of maintaining legacy environments and the need to cater to an increasingly mobile workforce are making organizations more aggressive than ever about app modernization.

"Things are changing so fast, and so rapidly, and there are so many new features and demands on IT systems and applications, that you always need to be looking at what you have, looking at your portfolio, looking at your various assets," said independent consultant Joe McKendrick said.

This 10-question quiz will test your knowledge of the critical practices, strategies and principles that guide a successful modernization initiative. So, go ahead -- see what you know about the various approaches to app modernization, key terminology and what IT can do to avoid headache-inducing pitfalls.

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