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Three Innovative AI Use Cases for Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing technologies allow organizations to build automated artificial intelligence systems that interact with customers, employees and partners using spoken or written languages.

The field of NLP has been transformed in the past few years by the increase in speed and accuracy possible with today’s hardware, plus performance improvements facilitated by the shift from statistical machine learning methods to use of neural networks, AI and deep learning.

With these technology advances, it is possible to build automated systems that can interact with people more naturally than ever before. The transformation of NLP technology is creating a surge in innovative use cases, as forward-looking organizations expand their use of NLP into a wide range of processes for both internal and customer-facing operations.

New use cases that leverage technology improvements are creating a groundswell of pent-up demand. According to one research report, the market for NLP solutions is growing at an annual rate of 29.4% and will reach more than $127 billion by 2028.1

While vertical markets such as healthcare, retail and banking have been identified by experts as key drivers of increased NLP demand, the reality is that the technology is relevant and potentially groundbreaking across a wide range of additional markets and use cases.

This article examines three universal cases for NLP that can be used—and are being used—to create innovative digital experiences for customers and employees. It also discusses how organizations can simplify and accelerate their use of NLP through pre-validated AI solutions from Dell Technologies.

Technical Support
NLP systems can support technical help desks by fielding questions and requests from users automatically. In some cases, the NLP application might be able to address a caller’s entire problem. In others, it may gather information to direct the caller to the right person or provide key information to an admin to streamline and accelerate the support process.

In one such use case, technical support agents at Dell Technologies leverage a digital resolution tool that gives them recommendations for the best troubleshooting steps. Use of the tool has reduced call times by approximately 10%, allowing the agents to field more calls.

Global Customer Service
For organizations doing business in multiple countries, it isn’t practical or cost effective to create chatbots in dozens of languages. Instead, they can now create and maintain a single chatbot in a single language and add AI-driven translation capabilities at the edge.

In this use case, when customers call the support desk with a query, they can ask a question in any supported language. On the back end, the automated support system translates the customer’s words and formulates a response. The system then translates the response into the customer’s language and uses text-to-voice capabilities to reply to the customer.

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Intelligent Document Analysis
Intelligent document analysis solutions combine search and analytics with NLP and machine learning to automatically extract relevant information from unstructured data. As described in a report from Accenture, organizations can access critical insights in real time, helping to improve compliance and risk management, increase operational efficiencies and enhance business processes through automation. Accenture notes that Innovative use cases are being used by:

  • Legal departments to reduce risk by automatically analyzing documents for content related to compliance and auditing requirements.
  • Government and public service agencies by analyzing and routing digitized mail to the right departments or individuals.
  • Recruiting and hiring professionals by automating rote tasks such as sifting through resumes and automatically matching CVs to job postings.
  • Banks and financial services firms by automatically cross-analyzing loans or mortgages with profiles of borrowers gathered from multiple independent sources.

Taking the Next Step
These use cases are just the tip of the iceberg in harnessing the vast potential for operational efficiencies, customer engagement and business innovation enabled by advances in NLP technologies. The challenge for many IT and business leaders is not identifying the use cases; rather, it is about how to deploy the technology quickly, simply and efficiently.

In getting started with NLP, or expanding NLP to additional use cases, organizations can take advantage of comprehensive solutions that are easier to build and deploy by using pre-validated AI designs from Dell Technologies. These solutions provide an optimized stack that simplifies the entire workflow in developing NLP apps, including all of the hardware, software and services needed to get AI solutions up and running quickly.

For more information on how your organization can simplify and accelerate the development and deployment of innovative NLP solutions, please visit Dell Technologies.

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