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Keep the costs of cloud computing under control

Enterprises need to track, manage and optimize cloud spending to keep budgets in check. Get to the bottom of your overspending problem, and learn how to fix it, with this infographic.

Title Keep the costs of cloud computing under control

When an enterprise adopts cloud computing, one of the first items it examines is cost. While you can save money migrating to public cloud, it is not just a self-steering environment -- you need a cloud cost management strategy.

With cloud's agility and scalability, organizations can rack up costs quickly if their resources are improperly managed. These sometimes-hidden costs of cloud computing include when workloads are overprovisioned, incorrectly sized or left running even when they are not needed. Increased cloud spending doesn't only hurt the bottom line, it also has a negative effect on other areas of the business. Runaway costs could halt cloud initiatives, stifle innovation and lower the quality of service to users.

Top providers AWS, Microsoft and Google offer various tools and services to manage the cost of cloud computing at scale. Enterprises can also take advantage of usage discounts, as well as reserved VMs and instances to further curb expenditures.

Explore the infographic above to learn how common overspending is and how to manage costs.

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