Use this EC2 instance type comparison to power your AWS apps

To get the most out of AWS, organizations need to get the most out of their EC2 instances. Use this infographic to help choose the right AWS instance type and pricing plan.

Use this EC2 instance type comparison to power your AWS apps

Amazon EC2 is the engine that powers cloud computing for AWS users. EC2 instances can be rapidly deployed and are highly scalable, but your workloads will be negatively affected if you choose the wrong instance type.

Whether you're a freelance engineer spinning up a single project or an enterprise that runs its business on AWS, picking the right AWS instance type is one of the most important decisions you'll make.

Engineers and businesses must consider what level of compute their workloads demand and what EC2 features they'll need to get the job done -- whether that's burstable performance, local storage capability or GPU optimization. And on top of choosing the right AWS instance family, organizations must pair it with a pricing plan that offers the most value to their business.

Explore the infographic above to help guide your EC2 instance type comparison so you can find the right balance of cost and performance.

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