Can you ace this quiz on cloud computing privacy issues?

Consumers and enterprises are increasingly concerned about data privacy -- with good reason -- and cloud computing introduces a host of new challenges. How well do you know them?

Technology tends to steal the limelight in conversations about cloud security, but servers and software alone don’t capture the whole story about the complex challenges facing enterprises and cloud providers. From new cloud computing privacy regulations to international legislation conflicts, cloud security professionals must become well-versed in legal issues and compliance requirements that have become exclusive to -- or complicated by -- cloud-based systems and services. 

The need for many compliance cornerstones -- such as the need for audit plans, gap analyses and risk assessment -- remains the same. But the cloud’s defining characteristics of shared resources, on-demand provisioning and outsourced environments change the way these tasks must be fulfilled.

The following multiple-choice practice quiz will help you prepare for Domain 6 of the CCSP exam, "Legal and Compliance," which assesses how well candidates understand the legal requirements and unique risks within cloud environments, cloud computing privacy issues and enterprise risk management concerns in the cloud. This section of the exam also tests candidates’ knowledge of the audit process, methodologies and required adaptions for a cloud environment, among other topics.

After completing this six-question practice quiz, you will be able to review your score and read additional information explaining the correct answers about cloud computing privacy, legal and compliance issues.

The following are exam practice questions from Domain 6 of The Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CCSP CBK, Second Edition, by Adam Gordon, CISSP-ISSAP, ISSMP, SSCP.

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