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Test your private vs. public cloud knowledge

Although public and private clouds might seem similar on the surface, they differ greatly in terms of their architecture and use cases. Take our quiz to see if you know your stuff.

Before choosing a cloud model to deploy, you should do extensive research on the options available and ensure that you know them inside and out.

The public cloud supplies cloud resources and services to outside users. The public cloud provider owns and maintains the cloud service and the resources involved. Public cloud users share the same resources because their data is stored on the same servers. This is known as a multi-tenant environment.

Private cloud services, on the other hand, are cloud services offered to only select users instead of the general public, and users can access it in a self-service manner. Private clouds can be accessed either over the internet through a third-party hosting provider or via an internal network with servers that reside in the organization's own data center.

This quiz will test your private vs. public cloud knowledge.

How'd you do? For a quick review, here are some key takeaways on private vs. public cloud:

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