Managing and monitoring cloud computing services

Keep your cloud services operating at optimal performance levels with advice from this collection of cloud management and monitoring resources.

IT shops are pushing more applications and data into the cloud, and managing and monitoring cloud computing services has become even more important.

Get your hands on the latest information on cloud management and monitoring tools, news on key providers in the cloud computing management market, and tips on how to keep control of your infrastructure as you move it to the cloud.

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VMware management software for the cloud: A square peg in round hole
VMware management software was originally designed for virtualization, but now the company is carrying over those principles to cloud management. But will it work or stifle cloud adoption?

RightScale lands $25 million to support cloud computing demand
Cloud management service provider RightScale landed $25 million in its third round of funding; this time, it plans to handle growing demand and expand facilities.

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Cloud services beg for nimbler management
IT shops are beginning to feel an increasing need to rid themselves of daily systems management. Subsequently, the hunger for cloud services that can handle automation and scheduling continues to grow.

Cloud management startup expands beyond the cloud to the enterprise
Application management firm Elastra is thinking outside the cloud in an attempt to make money -- despite its Amazon Web Services roots.


Managing virtual resources in Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud
Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud has the potential to revolutionize how virtual resources are handled through an advanced, integrated management platform. It might even be more about the management of the hypervisor than the hypervisor itself.

How public clouds limit hosted application management
Cloud computing providers protect the security and stability of their cloud infrastructures by limiting the degree of application management in public cloud services.

Managing cloud-based disaster recovery
Moving disaster recovery to the cloud has its fair share of advantages, especially for SMBs. But even cloud-based DR requires stringent management practices.

Cloud management tools guide for beginners
This overview of cloud management tools is packed with info on the biggest and best cloud management companies, including Kaavo, CloudWatch, Scalr and RightScale.

Microsoft Concero vs. VMware vCloud Director
Microsoft Concero may offer better virtualization integration, but when it comes to other cloud management criteria, VMware vCloud Director has the upper hand.

Cloud performance monitoring: No one-size-fits-all answer
No one said moving to cloud would be easy. Without a strong cloud performance monitoring strategy, your applications may not perform to their full potential.

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Cloud management pricing and licensing
While managing and monitoring your cloud services is essential to securing data and maintaining performance levels, make sure you're choosing the right management provider for your price point and licensing structure.

Third-party cloud management apps take hold
Users can manage and monitor virtual resources and capacity in cloud networks for self-provisioning with third-party cloud management tools.

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