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Comparing VDI and DaaS: Deployment and Management

This third article in our series on digital workspace options focuses on initial deployment and ongoing management demands for an organization’s platform of choice, comparing the two primary options: desktop as a service (DaaS) and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). After reading this comparison, you may want to review the second article in this series, which focuses on costs as well as some management and deployment issues.

Once again, there is no right or wrong choice. VDI and DaaS are both excellent solutions, but one is likely to be a better option for your organization than the other, depending on your IT team’s capabilities and skills, the compliance and legal demands your organization faces and its stance on data sovereignty. There are huge numbers of successful deployments of both types.

First to consider is deployment. DaaS and VDI match to different styles of IT and organizational demands on IT. The deployment choice will impact not only ongoing operations and management but how the digital workspace conforms to organizational demands as well.

figure 1

Some important aspects of ongoing management of the digital workspace differ between VDI and DaaS and are worth noting. Again, each IT organization has different business demands that manifest themselves in how systems are managed. These need to be at the forefront of decision-making.

figure 2

The deployment and management demands of VDI and DaaS is where the unique needs of the business have the most substantial impact. Understanding what security, privacy, legal and compliance requirements must be met will drive the decision about which option is best. It is also worth exploring both options to see if those unique needs preclude either VDI or DaaS.

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