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Infusion Org Taps CommonWell for Interoperability, Care Coordination

A home infusion therapy organization will connect to CommonWell’s interoperability network in attempts to enhance care coordination.

Home infusion therapy provider Option Care Health has partnered with health IT vendor WellSky to launch CommonWell Health Alliance services in an effort to boost care coordination through greater interoperability.

Option Care Health will be one of the first WellSky customers to go live with the CommonWell network and its bridge to the Carequality framework.

Option Care Health will connect to CommonWell in Quarter 2 of 2022 through WellSky’s interoperability fabric, WellSky I/O, accessible within WellSky’s EHR system.

The partnership is expected to enhance care coordination for the more than 250,000 patients Option Care Health serves annually.

“By partnering with WellSky to utilize CommonWell services, our referral partners will have greater transparency into the execution of their patients’ care plans, improving care coordination and outcomes,” John C. Rademacher, president and chief executive officer of Option Care Health, said in a press release.  

“We’re excited to help lead the market in promoting interoperability across healthcare platforms. With enhanced data exchange capabilities, we’ll see improved efficiency for our staff, allowing them to focus on what really matters — providing high-quality care to our patients,” Rademacher continued.

Upon go-live, Option Care Health staff will be able to enroll patients into the CommonWell network and find and share patient health information to coordinate care across providers.

CommonWell’s growing network currently has over 26,000 provider sites and more than 144 million enrolled individuals. Participating providers have retrieved over 1.7 billion health records since it was launched.

“We are thrilled to have Option Care Health, a highly regarded home infusion provider with significant national reach, join the CommonWell network,” noted Paul Wilder, executive director of CommonWell. “Through the commitment of innovative partners like WellSky and forward-thinking organizations like Option Care Health, we can improve care coordination and health outcomes nationwide.”

WellSky joined CommonWell in 2019 in efforts to help advance interoperability across the care continuum.

“Option Care Health is a pioneer in the infusion therapy space and WellSky is proud to partner with them to further their interoperability initiatives,” noted Bill Miller, WellSky CEO.

“WellSky is committed to bridging gaps across acute, post-acute, and community care with software purpose-built for connected care,” he added. “Together with the Option Care team, we envision a future where truly coordinated care is not only possible, it’s the standard.”

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