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Contexture HIE Upgrades to Unified Platform for Improved EHR Interoperability

The unified Contexture HIE platform will provide participants greater EHR interoperability and faster, more reliable data exchange between healthcare providers.

Contexture, the largest health information organization in the western US, has announced plans to transition to a unified health information exchange (HIE) platform to enhance EHR interoperability for its markets in Colorado and Arizona.

Moving to a single technology platform for Arizona and Colorado will equip HIE participants with improved system performance and functionality. The streamlined regional HIE connection will also help Contexture better support government agencies and national participants through multi-state reporting and analytics.

"Transitioning to a single, unified technology platform across our HIE markets will enhance our ability to provide improved, cohesive, actionable, and readily accessible data in a platform that is adaptable to the ever-evolving health information technology landscape," Melissa Kotrys, CEO of Contexture, said in a public statement.

"This move ensures our participants will have the information they need to make critical decisions that improve the quality and outcomes of care," she continued.

Contexture will upgrade all HIE participants to a customized solution from healthcare data and analytics technology vendor Health Catalyst. The transition will begin in 2023 and will be complete in 2025.

As Contexture's current HIE platform partner in Colorado, Health Catalyst understands Contexture's operating environment, technology, and security responsibilities, officials said.

When the transition is complete, the unified Contexture HIE platform will provide greater EHR interoperability and data management and faster, more reliable data exchange between healthcare providers.

"This transition is a testament to our commitment to advancing healthcare through technology and innovation," said Kotrys. "We believe that it will help to improve the quality of care for patients in our region while also increasing efficiency and reducing costs for the healthcare system."

"We are excited and optimistic about the road ahead and appreciate the dedication and collaboration of our incredible participants and partners in Arizona and Colorado," she added.

In the coming weeks and months, Contexture will work with stakeholders to provide detailed information and timelines to promote a smooth transition.

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