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Veradigm Makes EHR Data Available in OMOP CDM Data Standard for RWE

Veradigm Network EHR data, which contains RWE from over 170 million patients, will now be available in the OMOP CDM data standard.

Health IT vendor Veradigm, formerly Allscripts, announced that Veradigm Network EHR data will be available in the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (OMOP) Common Data Model (CDM) data standard to help advance clinical research using real world evidence (RWE).

Veradigm Network EHR data contains over 170 million patients and provides de-identified, real-world data drawn from physician practices using various ambulatory EHR products. The network includes one of the largest EHR data sets for research purposes.

“The transformation of Veradigm Network EHR Data into the OMOP data set will facilitate data sales for clients who need the data delivered in OMOP format,” Stuart Green, senior vice president and general manager of Veradigm, said in a public statement. “This new delivery format will provide the flexibility our clients need so they can answer research questions critical to their business.”

The OMOP CDM is an open community data standard that aims to standardize the structure and content of real-world data. Stakeholders can apply standardized, systematic analytics to the CDM data, enabling efficient analyses.

The Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics (OHDSI) collaborative maintains the OMOP CDM, including an open-source library of analytical tools for research and performance measurement using the data standard.

Veradigm’s Evalytica platform, a real-world evidence analytics application, will fully integrate with the Veradigm Network EHR OMOP data to support cost-effective and efficient analysis of this real-world data.

Internal and external user groups will now be able to use Veradigm Evalytica to build code sets, define reusable cohorts, and conduct analysis on OMOP’d Veradigm Network EHR Data.

Veradigm has taken a larger focus on RWE recently. Earlier this month, the company announced an investment in Holmusk, a behavioral health data analytics company.

Veradigm led Holmusk’s $45 million series B financing round with participation from current investors, including Heritas Capital, Health Catalyst Capital, Novartis (dRx Capital), and Northwell Holdings, the venture investment arm of Northwell Health, as well as other previous investors.

Holmusk will leverage this funding to continue the rapid expansion of its flagship offering, the NeuroBlu Database, which serves as a source of real-world clinical data for the behavioral health industry. Veradigm and Holmusk plan to enter a data partnership to bring groups of behavioral health and related de-identified patient data from Veradigm to the NeuroBlu Database.

“Mental and behavioral health is a serious global health problem that has only increased during and post the COVID-19 pandemic,” Rick Poulton, Veradigm CEO, said in a press release at the time of the announcement.

“Holmusk has proven expertise to create the evidence needed to improve mental health,” Poulton added. “We are proud to equip the company with the resources needed to advance this important work.”

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