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Quiz: Are you ready for AR and VR in the enterprise?

There is much more to AR and VR technology than meets the eye. Use this quiz to get a refreshing look on how the software and hardware are evolving in the enterprise.

Popular applications, such as Pokémon Go and Snapchat, have opened up a world of possibility with augmented reality. Add in devices such as the Samsung Galaxy partnering with Oculus to make virtual reality portable, and the rise of AR and VR for business is not surprising.

AR and VR technology are breaking through different industries in new and innovative ways. From GPS guidance all the way to flying simulations, organizations have been hitting refresh on the way to do business. The development of new apps and devices specifically targeting different types of work environments is allowing AR and VR to flourish. Workers can complete trainings, step-by-step guides, inventory checks and more, all while hands-free with wearable devices.

Don't be out of the know when it comes to the latest emerging mobile technology. Keep the two types of technology straight with this quiz, and learn more about their effects on business.

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